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Scout Challenge is brought to you by the same folks that provide the great resources at

I'm the lead developer and company president. I've been involved with scouts since the mid-1990s and have been developing web sites since before that. I'd like to tell you about Scout Challenge.

scout management

I became a Scoutmaster in 2004 of a troop with about 30 scouts. We grew to over 70 scouts, due to our focus on pushing the scouts to manage as much of the troop as they could.

As the scouts have taken over their troop, I've noticed they have a tendency to do the same merit badges, campouts, and activities year to year. It's safe and known, but sometimes not very adventurous. I'd like to see them try new things and the Scout Challenge helps scouts explore new opportunities and tie Scouting into the other parts of their lives.

troop management

By promoting different merit badges, activities, and accomplishements each year, Scout Challenge gives scouts a tangible reason to try new things. A patch for the first year, and then pins after that, keep even the older scouts interested and completing tasks, both inside and outside of Scouting.

The best part for me about Scout Challenge is that it is just for fun and completely on your honor. It is totally up to each scout to track accomplishments and decide if the challenge was completed or not. The unit leader determines the challenge, but the scouts determine if they did it and scouts tend to be harder on themselves than the unit leaders.

Thank you for your interest in Scout Challenge. You can Mail Me with any questions or Register now.

Paul Kautz, President
16640 Thatcher Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55347